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July 29, 2021 | Adventure | Team Member

6 Trails You Must Explore In El Dorado County

At 1850 Wine Cellars, when we say, “Take a hike!” it is not meant as a bad thing. California is a state of adventure, exploration, and connection. Get out there with family and friends, explore and discover.


trestle trail grizzly flats el dorado county



Trestle Trail, Grizzly Flats, El Dorado County


4.5 miles, 524 ft elevation gain

The trail is covered in the shade of sugar pines and the views are incredible. After you have explored the creek, take some time to cool off and relax letting your feet soak in the snow melt cold of the running water. LEARN MORE

the Pot Holes Kit Carson El Dorado County


The Potholes, Kit Carson, El Dorado County


1.5 miles, 134 ft elevation gain

No list of easy trails in El Dorado County would be complete without venturing a mile and a half off Highway 88 near Silver Lake to enjoy a truly special place in nature called the Potholes. It is an easy hike, take the kids with you, bring the dog (on leash) and be prepared to go for a swim. We wouldn’t say it is a hidden gem, but it is a gem none the less. LEARN MORE

Jenkinson Loop Trail Sly Park El Dorado County


Jenkinson Trail Loop, Sly Park, El Dorado County


9.1 miles, 774 ft elevation gain

Located near Pollock Pines, California, the Jenkinson Lake Loop Trail boasts a 9.1 mile loop that is heavily trafficked. The trail is rated as moderate and features a gorgeous lake. You can tackle this loop on horseback, mountain bike, or your own two feet. It is also dog friendly! LEARN MORE

Lake Margaret Trail Kirkwood El Dorado County


Lake Margaret Trail, Kirkwood, El Dorado County


4.6 miles, 534 ft elevation gain

Lake Margaret Trail is a 4.6 mile out and back trail located near Kirkwood, California that features a river and a gorgeous lake defined from huge slabs of granite. The trail offers plenty of activity options and is best used from June until October. Dogs and horses are also able to use this trail. You will love how much the trail varies from enchanted garden scenes, to rocky areas, to creeks, and then into boulders. LEARN MORE

Cody Lake Trail Kyburz El Dorado County


Cody Lake Trail, Kyburz, El Dorado County


2.9 miles, 882 ft elevation gain

Cody Lake Trail is a 2.9 mile out and back trail kicking off near Kyburz, California that features a stunning pristine lake, granite boulders and amazing scenic views. The trail offers plenty of activity and exploration. It is best traversed from March until October. LEARN MORE

Fleming meadow loop grizzly flats el dorado county


Fleming Meadow Loop, Grizzly Flats, El Dorado County


5 miles, 705 ft elevation gain

Serene and peaceful, especially in the early morning, the Fleming Meadow Loop in Grizzly Flats is 5 miles of moderate hiking. Keep your head up and eyes open to soak it all in. There are plenty of chances to enjoy wildlife. You are welcome to bring your furry friend. Dogs are allowed, but must be on a leash. LEARN MORE


Check it out, take pictures and tag us @1850wine with hashtag #1850BeatenPaths



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