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1850 Wine Cellars 2021 Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon


California was founded on the promise of gold and that is the standard we hold ourselves to.

Inspired by breath-taking natural beauty and a sense of discovery, 1850 Wine Cellars exemplifies the gold standard of wine. Sustainably farming and sourcing grapes from vineyards located primarily in Amador County, Fair Play, El Dorado County, and other Sierra Foothill growing regions, we produce high quality wine meant to be a part of your next adventure.



Brian Darwazeh

Our winemaker Brian Darwazeh has a deep connection with California agriculture. Not only did he grow up in a small farming community in Northern California, but his grandfather was also a farm worker. Being able to work with California grown fruit and experience a connection to the land and the seasons is a passion project for him. Brian loves the Sierra Foothills because of the wide range of microclimates that exist and the copious amount of varietals that can do well in the region. He loves to make fruit driven wines that are varietal expressive without overly intervening with what the fruit wants to show.

“I’m lucky to have the opportunity to share my wines with other people.  I try not to take myself too seriously and keep the day to day light hearted. At the end of the day we are all here to bring a product that we love to other people and hopefully make their lives a little tastier.” - Brian 

1850 Wine Cellars Winemaker Brian Darwazeh standing by wine barrels
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