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A Beaten Path Worth Taking – Trestle Trail, Grizzly Flats, El Dorado County

Trestle Trail

At 1850 Wine Cellars, when we say, “Take a hike!” it is not meant as a bad thing. California is a state of adventure, exploration, and connection. Get out there with family and friends, explore and discover.

Trestle Trail is near the small town of Grizzly Flats in El Dorado County. Follow the Capps Crossing Road from Grizzly Flat to the dirt road 9N36.

We parked right there near the road and hiked down this fire road toward the trail.  On your left there are two signs that direct you toward the trail, and the second one sends you up a little hill and that is the trailhead.  This is a quiet and pleasant foot trail that follows an old railroad grade for 1.2 miles to the site of a removed trestle bridge over Steely Fork Creek.

The trail is covered in the shade of sugar pines and the views are incredible. After you have explored the creek, take some time to cool off and relax letting your feet soak in the snow melt cold of the running water.

The trail is in excellent condition and passes three collapsed trestles on the steep hillside. Return to the trailhead along the same route. Parking by the road makes this about a 5-mile round trip. Stretch your legs and enjoys the views.

This trail is a reclaimed railroad route. It found its name because of the trestles, railway bridges, that line the path. Many of those trestles have since collapsed, but the remnants of its timbers remain in piles littered along the way.

A little history, The Diamond and Caldor Railway operated the 34 miles of narrow-gauge track between 1894 and 1953. They ran logs to a door factory in Diamond Springs. So, while the rails are gone, the ties and remains of four trestles are still visible.

Partially buried railroad ties are visible a few hundred feet from the trail head. These are little pieces of history and were not added to make the trail easier or better. Prove we can have nice things and tread lightly.

As a community-maintained trail, this hike requires no use permits.

Check it out, take pictures and tag us @1850wine with hashtag #1850BeatenPaths

4.5 miles, 524 ft elevation


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