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August 6, 2021 | Team Member

The Reality About Carbs in Wine

Wine is naturally low-carb, but that doesn’t mean you can stop reading here! Alcohol is metabolized a little differently in our bodies than other foods. If health is important to you, you can create a balanced nutrition plan without giving up the wines you love. Let’s take a closer look at what is really going on with alcohol and our health.  Continue »

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July 29, 2021 | Team Member

6 Trails You Must Explore In El Dorado County

At 1850 Wine Cellars, when we say, “Take a hike!” it is not meant as a bad thing. Checkout these 6 MUST EXPLORE El Dorado County trails!  Continue »

Terry Goetze
May 21, 2021 | Terry Goetze

1850 Meritage Scores!

Making wine is an adventure! After a bold journey from the Fair Play AVA through 21 months in French and American oak our 1850 Meritage arrives with a score worth telling stories about.  Continue »

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October 12, 2020 | Team Member

The Great Pumpkin - Wine Cocktail

Light, refreshing, and perfect adult wine cocktail option for the pumpkin spice lover! Yes, we said wine and pumpkin spice in the same sentence.  Continue »

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October 7, 2020 | Team Member

Our 2020 Wine & Candy Pairing Guide

If you're planning on adulting this Halloween, this will help.  Continue »

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September 24, 2020 | Team Member

Why El Dorado AVA is An Incredible Wine Region

1850 winemaker Terry Goetze talks about his introduction to El Dorado County many years ago and what makes El Dorado County so special.  Continue »

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August 4, 2020 | Team Member

A Beaten Path Worth Taking – Trestle Trail, Grizzly Flats, El Dorado County

At 1850 Wine Cellars, when we say, “Take a hike!” it is not meant as a bad thing. California is a state of adventure, exploration, and connection. Get out there with family and friends, explore and discover. ...this trail is a reclaimed railroad route. It found its name because of the trestles, railway bridges, that line the path. Many of those trestles have since collapsed, but the remnants of its timbers remain in piles littered along the way.  Continue »

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August 2, 2020 | Team Member

A Beaten Path Worth Taking - Jenkinson Trail Loop, Sly Park, El Dorado County

Sky Park Recreation Area is pretty much your one stop shop for year round outdoor activity! Summer boating, fall colors, winter snowshoeing, but the spring waterfalls and the Jenkinson Trail Loop are fit for an epic adventure!  Continue »

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August 1, 2020 | Team Member

A Beaten Path Worth Taking – Cody Lake Trail, Kyburz, El Dorado County

Cody Lake Trail is a 2.9 mile out and back trail kicking off near Kyburz, California that features a stunning pristine lake, granite boulders and amazing scenic views. The trail offers plenty of activity and exploration.  Continue »

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July 31, 2020 | Team Member

A Beaten Path Worth Taking – Lake Margaret Trail, Kirkwood, El Dorado County

The wildflowers in mid-summer and changing color of aspens in autumn are beautiful. For the quietest action, get out on the trail early because this trail is well known and receives a good amount of traffic.  Continue »

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