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July 28, 2020 | Adventure | Team Member

A Beaten Path Worth Taking - Fleming Meadow Loop, Grizzly Flats, El Dorado County

Fleming Meadow Loop

At 1850 Wine Cellars, when we say, “Take a hike!” it is not meant as a bad thing. California is a state of adventure, exploration, and connection. Get out there with family and friends, explore and discover.

Serene and peaceful, especially in the early morning, the Fleming Meadow Loop in Grizzly Flats is 5 miles of moderate hiking. Keep your head up and eyes open to soak it all in. There are plenty of chances to enjoy wildlife. You are welcome to bring your furry friend. Dogs are allowed, but must be on a leash.

This trail will not give you birds eye mountain top vistas, but what the Fleming Meadow loop does provide is a magical forest of constantly changing scenery sure to keep your eyes wide and head turning. Fleming Meadow is more dirt and pine needles than it is rocky. 

Fleming Meadows Loop is mostly uphill, but at a fairly easy grade and the shade will keep you from melting on a hot day. The trail is well groomed and great for hiking or mountain biking. Parking is free, but the peace of mind in a tranquil forest is priceless.

Check it out, take pictures and tag us @1850wine with hashtag #1850BeatenPaths

5 miles, 705 ft elevation gain


Fleming Meadow Loop is also one of our 6 Must Explore Trails in El Dorado County!



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